Bold and Contemporary

Get lost in a garden of color and textures. These pieces capture every aspect of design and natures beauty in an edgy contemporary take of the typical still life spectrum


Striking Graphic Gardens

Inspired by my garden and deck arrangements, these paintings capture seasonal changes and conversations we have during times of gathering for drinks and play.


Reflections of Places Traveled and Dreamt

I have traveled many places, and enjoyed many conversations with all sorts of fascinating people. I like to be "in the moment" on these journeys so rarely take many pictures, but what my mind comprehends and is inspired by always infuses into the canvas. These pieces capture a variety of places traveled, and places I dream to visit someday. What I love hearing when these pieces are viewed at shows is all the different countries the painting reminds them of.


Transformational Fluid Art

These paintings are never ending series of works begun in 2010 after the loss of a child and opening the grieving process to many unhealed experiences in my life. They touch on the core of humanity and are saturated with symbolism, color, music and optimism; as healing brings true strength and joy .


Whimsical Landscapes for your inner child

This playful series of whimsical landscapes is what I launched my professional show career with. The titles have multiple meanings, as the images relate to people and conversations. A sweet story about love, life and a family tale.


Quiet and Restful

They are all around us, they create a feeling of security and protection. These trees are the original 4 seasons line watching a grove of trees on hwy.54 transition over the course of a year, there are to date about 30 trees that have been painted in a continuing landscape out there somewhere, I always fascinate trying to locate all the owners and have them all set up together. Alas, we can appreciate these 4 and the others in a collection they inspired.


Vibrant and musical

The "Amelie" series, are typically all painted to my favorite soundtrack by Yann Tiersen, from the french film "Amelie". The landscapes themselves inspired by a poppy field just outside of Hot Springs NC that we found on a return hike on the Appalachian trail.


Natures Serenity

Finder's Keepers pieces capture natures most delicate, amazing creatures in their environment. The most naturalistic series of works to date, this series was inspired by a field found by mishap, my husband and I had been hiking the Appalachian Trail and missed our trail head, although we were thrown off course by about an hour what came from this was a great lesson.

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You Ladybug?

an intense palette of color and patterns this painting was inspired by favorite moments in my studio. Just as I was waiting to resolve the piece a neighboring lady bug landed on the nearby flower arrangement, and that was the final touch this piece was waiting for. SOLD/Giclee available