Fall into Creating

There is no denying we are all back into a full swing of events, festivities, and work. The good news is- we have the ability to pause, re-arrange, value our time and create space to play, relax, and enjoy the beauty of fall as it exits and enters the season of family, feasting, and magic. Homes are adorned with sparkly lights, children anticipating the treasure coves of candies and costumes (adults included). At 1:11 Art & Healing Space- we have finally begun to turn a curve of functioning as a full swing creative, and bountiful home of gifts, both creative and tangible. It has been a patient journey on my part waiting for the world to open back up and start participating in the offerings here. With mindful classes, workshops, cultural readings, 4th Friday Jams, soirees, special selected gifts and metaphysics- I feel like there is an arrival of newness and AAH's..... Upcoming this month yet we have some other fun paintings and craft parties that enable gathering, crafting, laughter and community. The porch continues to be a sweet nest to release and process what's coming up in your life and lends loving, listening ears. The people who stop by to utilize the makers studio always find a sense of peace and relief from just making something by hand, the students who are coming in for classes are learning a new way of looking at the world through creative lenses, and this is only a few brightly colored leaves to note. I am finally at a place to be creating art again and am seeing so many faces emerging from where we have all been staying safe and seeking out new community and connection. Its beautiful. You are beautiful. Come play and continue shining bright! As we enter shorter days, and longer nights the warmth and love you share- remains a collective fuel for the world. Happy Fall and much love and gratitude for your support.- Åndria (Andi)