Gone, but Not Forgotten

Early in May of this year I had gone for a walk with a friend and been breath taken by a garden of poppies and seed pods , taking it all in I could feel the birth of a newer ,more accurate representation of these all time favorites of mine in an Amelie painting. As the weeks went by I yearned to be back in the studio, but life and business operations took presidencies. Until about May 25th to be exact, when my grief was so deep after the Uvalde shootings I had to find a place to escape, a place to meditate , When I don’t know what else to do with myself because the world has all but stopped inside my head, I paint.

Within a few hours, the basework for a new piece was complete- but what it had become was so much more than an under painting and I realized the tops of the poppy seed pods looked like crowns, but everything else looked like the barrel of a gun. This very raw , canvas remains just as I left it . With the exception of 22 gold crowns I put in afterward to honor those sweet innocent lives, 2 teachers, and the assailant……

We have returned to life. The last two years were lost in a pandemic and a cocoon of self preservation and protecting our families.

We have come out on the other side, different, mindful, but just as hectic, and more traumatized than ever.

We have had a year of more deaths , seniors, friends, fur babies. All dear to us, all leaving a little empty space in our hearts and homes where their presence filled our rooms.

Those of you, who have followed my work know the Artwalk is when I release my annual ornament. One that captures my year in art or my journey with a new medium.

This year I’ve flopped around like a fish out of its water- because I am still working on finding my place in this new world.

Of course , my art Angel finally came to visit late Tuesday as I attempted another idea. And it was clear. I’ve held back on this particular painting because of its Truth. But- the piece is so much more than just the shooting that day, it’s about our fear, judgment, grief, death and glorious life. It’s about the souls around us every day, weaving within us and holding us together like little ribbons, it’s about boundaries and cutting ties loose and letting go, it’s about hope, and the crowns we earn every day in a heaven we are creating against the hell we have been offered.

This year, I present a different kind of ornament. One with a message and waiting for a message, you can place the name of anyone in the bottle and let it be with you this Season. The gold crown charm is a reminder. That you are cherished, we are ALL cherished- no matter what we have done.

Currently there are, coincidentally 22 available and will be on the tree this weekend at 1:11 Art and Healing Space.

Many blessings, and much love . Remember, your gold crown is always right where you left it

Peace, Andi