Good bye Pollen And....April?

Wow, that went fast. We kicked off the month with Reiki workshops, artist residencies, Tea parties, and wedding showers and then the worst of all the things got the best of us:-(

Needless to say- I survived CoVid and so did the boys! Sadly , hosting and painting and serving took a back seat. Now- I'm out to make the most of what's left of my Aries Fire month with these two quickies!

Always keep in mind, while these events have a $ sign attached, my mission is to give you a space to create in an open, loving environment and help you create community. Pay what you are able or consider making a charitable donation. I am working hard to create a space for everyone with a dream and a vision. I've had some hard hits- but my spirit stays strong with a goal and a Purpose to keep 1:11's doors open for aspirations, and dreams, and creating a community where all of us - in our dysfunctions, anxieties, imperfections can see our wholeness and Truth.....and dream again!

Mother's Day IS around the corner! don't know what to get? Gift certificates are an excellent idea!

A tarot reading by Sage, or even a class to learn Tarot, or Astrology Basic, A one on one art lesson or creative coaching session, shop the gift and apothecary store. So many possibilities in store in this beautiful little art Haven. I look forward to seeing and playing with you soon ( haha- yes- with a mask)

It's time to start planning a fantastic paint party where you'll be proud to hang your results, need your kids days filled for a couple hours? A place to teach your craft or minister with Yoga, movement, or music? or just sit quietly and pause for a minute from the hustle and bustle of mothering and wifing? I AM Here....1:11 opens her arms to give you a GIANT HUG for all that you do. Kitchen is stocked with tea, and the table is set for you and your spirit.

Save the Date! 3rd Friday Event with live music from Lisa Furukawa and Trio band - more info soon.

visit our sister site too! to find out how you can contribute and /or participate