Happy Mother's/Creator/Caretaker/ Everyone Day!

As we evolve and transform what looks like the traditional mother, I like to celebrate all of the people who have created life, care for lives, and nurture life- so my hats off and gratitude to all of you who bare the responsibility of a child, pet, or parent - that enable their lives to be comfortable and thrive on account of your sacrifice.

I can hear " take care of you" until I'm blue in the face and as we all know- if anything or anyone depends on us that is an alienating, near impossible to do- comment. However, I still find time to take luxurious baths in hand crafted salts and essential oils, I still manage to incorporate time in my day to weed the garden and plant new flowers that bring me endless hours of pleasure watching them bloom and give food to bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, I find time to decorate my deck so my guests and friends can relax and feel like they're in a new setting - away from the norm that drains us. And I find joy in creating new art to explore with my friends at a soiree, knowing we all have that talent, and trust is the key element in the journey of creating.

We are all having " our things" And April was an absolute power house of Aries energy . If you're feeling disconnected, unmotivated, un inspired- consider coming to 1:11 for a soiree. (https://www.andrialinn.com/upcoming-events) I have several new offerings- AND daytime availability!!!

Need something unique yet for your Mothers Day gifts? We are here with those treats, or- send me your husband or wife's email address and I'll email them personally and suggest they get you a gift certificate.

Sherri is back to do tarot readings, or teach you how to read tarot- and I am available if you just need to chat and create inspiration in your heart again.

It is ALL ok..... the flowers are returning, the water is getting warm for swimming, the birds are nesting and doing their mating dances, WE ARE COMING BACK TO LIFE>