It's Summertime! Pride and Play

What are you proud of? Come be bold and express yourself, I have a calendar this month full of soirees- not including drop in activities and classes.

School's out what do you have planned to fill the day? Any of this months offerings and more can be scheduled during daytime or separate than what is listed, drop in activities, group parties and more available- get creative with me and I'll get creative with you! Want to set up your craft, or be our guest musician at 3rd Friday? Have something you are dying to share or try with a group? We have room for bookings!

to see more about this months offerings, visit

We have Pridetastic new earrings in stock to make your ears bedazzled for parades! Any buzz or contributions are greatly received, the summer brings a slower need for my "side work" and less accessibility with the boys home- so having a full house around my table will ensure 1:11 makes it through the summer heat, and maintains being the vessel she is for those who walk through the door to unwind, relax, socialize, and connect. Thank you all for your support.

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