It's Time,to get lost in the branches......

Trees have been a source of inspiration for centuries. This month thru December, Wednesday night soirees will be filled with a variety of different mediums with a same subject matter- but each will stretch your artistic nature.

There are endless possibilities and concepts to these magical life forms, and I will show you 4 over a course of 5 weeks.

You can choose individual pieces if space permits or catch a small savings and join me for the entire journey. Each one does build into the next, so grab a seat and start looking at the foliage and the bareness that awaits.

Åndria's Annual Deck the Halls
Dec 18-19

Palette Trees.jpg

"Paper Leaves" 12x12
wood box panel , acrylic paint, paper collage. Enjoy some ripping and tearing in a beautiful pile of handmade papers to create a landscape from your dreams.
$40 12/1 @7pm or 12/3 @10am


"Into the Quiet Wood" 10x20
canvas, ALOT of paint, palette knife study. Due to the nature of this painting, and the depth of building and brush work this will be a two week session.
$60.00 12/8&15 @7pm or 12/10&17


"Ornaments Galore!"

3 different styles of blanks and an array of possibilities! there will be stations with all kinds of mediums (ink, paint, glitter, embellishments, enamels) to choose from and Andi floating around to explain and demo.
*6-7 (family friendly)
open house style