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 Try This! introduction to An exploration in     painting, art styles &       mediums:  Tuesday 12-2pm

Hi there and welcome to your journey in exploring a multitude of mediums, art terminology, theory and how they all work together to create amazing visual results. Below you will find a projected itinerary. I do work intuitively, so if a project needs to go another direction or we need more time playing we will do exactly that. The emphasis is FUN and enjoying our time together and about the experience NOT the result. I am a Creative Coach, so if anything comes up along our journey and you need some one on one- please reach out! I love new ideas and exploring with people I'm connecting with, so please don't hesitate to probe my 27 years of self taught failures and successes to make that creative idea become reality! When this course is complete, we will switch into a regular weekly art class based on a monthly membership rate. I look forward to our time together at the studio! 1:11 Art and Healing Space, 3409 University Dr.Durham.  Åndria

 Introduction course with all materials and supplies included 

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