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As the community grows our times of being open can/will change. In the meantime, as I navigate two young boys, housekeeping, and teaching away from the studio with local retirement centers and public art projects I will do my best to be open a bit every day outside of classes and events. If the blinds are up- I AM OPEN. Please do not hesitate to reach out though for a private viewing, or to see if perhaps I am close by. 
Text:   919-308-8125

                          Monday:  By Appointment

                  Tuesday:10:00 am-12pm and by appointment

                  Wednesday:10:00am-5pm and by appointment

                  Thursday: 2:00-5pm and by appointment

                  Friday:10am-5pm and by appointment

                  Saturday:12-3:00 and by appointment

                  Sunday: By Appointment


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