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Art with Andi :daytime classes & evening clubs and soirees

 Enjoy an open atmosphere with others as you are encouraged and learn from Åndria (aka Andi), whose passion is to help others learn art techniques and express themselves creatively. Rarely is there ever artwork created that is not proudly shown off and everyone leaves with uniquely different pieces.

The studio at 1:11 Art and Healing Space is a warm, intimate setting with minimum seating which allows for hands on help from Andi and a time to connect and get real together. Relationships and fast friends are created around this table. Whether its a morning class with coffee and tea, or an evening soiree with your drink of choice, both are calming and playful, and often called by our guests "Art Therapy"!

Monthly Classes/Events

Check out our other fun events at 1:11 Art and Healing Space

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