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You will receive a CARE card that will be punched at each session. You have 12 sessions to use however you'd like within a year. 


2020 Offerings


January: Winter Wonderland Landscape Painting Winter Glossy February: Picasso Kisses Painting Love Dove Glossy March: Somethin’ Irish Painting Lucky Clover Glossy April: Boho Decor Mixed Media Painted Bunting Glossy May: Still Life Oh Carolina Glossy June: Bird Haven’s Painting All Trumpet’s Glossy July: Fireflies at Sunset Painting Sunflowers and Finches Glossy August: All Things Gogh Painting California Craze Glossy September: Finders Keepers Painting My House Carolina Wren Glossy October: All Hallow Glows Painting Crows Nest Glossy November: Into the Woods Painting Nut Hatching Glossy December: Oh Christmas Tree! Red Belly Warbler Glossy


Enchanted Crafts

January: “I AM” Gazing Mirror Let’s start the year fresh with recognizing ourselves, committing to change and embrace the power of “I Am”

February: Pillow Talk Good sleep, peaceful dreams and meditation in our subconscious can be enhanced with the right elements. Select from a variety of essential oils, minerals, stones and more to create the ideal recipe for you. Sew it into your silk little pillow and decorate. At night place this treasure close to your head and see what unfolds!

March: Surrender Boxes Sometimes just thinking about letting something go isn’t enough. Learn a practice of meditation to release the things that weigh you down and steal your joy into your special box and commence a celestial way send to your guides, angels and or higher power.

April: Dream Catchers The night air is filled with dreams. Good dreams are clear and know the way to the dreamer, descending through the feathers. The slightest movement of the feathers indicated the passage of yet another beautiful dream. Bad dreams, however, cannot find their way through the web and are trapped there until the sun rises and evaporates them like the morning dew.   Learn about early ancient tradition, and weave your own with us as we set intention and blessing in this woven treasure.

May: Shamanic Rattles Rattles are voices of spirits activating the healing properties and spiritual essences of herbs, beads, stones, as well as being recognized as containers of magickal items. Shamans have long held rattles as Beings of the water. Rattles are water streaming over the body, or rain washing over cleaning and refreshing our physical and energetic selves.  the practice of being silent and hearing is a gift. being able to hear nature and her song brings harmony within, chases away negativity and adds an element that can drive away unwanted "guests". we will gather with a collection of pods, gourds, bells, straps, wood and other sound making elements for you to make a personal shaker.  

June: Tinctures, Salts & Teas many plants embody healing properties. Learn about some of our backyard healers and their everyday benefits. We will teach you simple recipes and Proper storage. Say goodbye to pharmacy and say hello to Mother Earth!

July: smudge fans I continue to be in awe how everyone creates their own unique fan, from selection of feathers, to its handle and ornamentation. Naturally we all need to start with the handle that feels right, where our energy can transmit when smudging our homes, each other or other elements needing cleared. Some cultures use only a feather, others love the elaborate fan. join us in an evening of touching, and connecting with our inner spirit as we create a functional and visually beautiful element to place on our altars

August: Memory Boxes Take a personal journey with your inner child. This project will require your personal mementos. We will talk about the importance of loving and healing this little being inside of you. In the process of mounting, sewing and carefully arranging these physical parts of your past and allow space to recognize and release.

September: Candle Altars who doesnt love burning candles? and every ceremonious act requires this flame. using wood, gels, and metal finishes, you will be released to decorate and finish your own solid wood pillars perfect containers for votives. if timing allows, this event will offer you three different sizes to finish for yourself to add to your enchanting collection of spiritual faire.

October: protection Bells Adorn the doorknob of your home, childs room or other major gateway to ward off negative energy and bring good vibes into your dwelling. Winding jute, cotton and iron bells we bring folklore and magic to the table and make way for the holiday. As these chimes ring, think of the festivities to come and bless each person as they come into your home.

November: Dammit Dolls Just in time for the holidays! Craft your own little doll to talk to, squeeze, shake, beat and yell at to get it ALL out. Release is powerful medicine for inner peace. We will have several patterns to choose from. Bring any personal things to bind inside. Learn the craft of simple binding and release. Experience freedom and peace. December: String Your Chi Make a sparkly, light catching strand of beads and glass. As you glue and thread this strand, experience the power of putting intention into everything you do. We will share some of our intentions, hopes, dreams and prayers for the coming Solstice Season. As this beautiful light catching strand garnishes your window throughout the season, you will be able to have a reflection piece of what you have let go of, and what you intend to create in your NEW YEAR.

CARE Package

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